Transfers to and from Durban Airport

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King Shaka International Airport Transfers

Travel to and from an airport requires some kind of transfer from the airport of arrival and to the airport of departure.

When arriving at an airport, please remember to collect your luggage from the baggage claim before proceeding to one of the transfer options, and before exiting the choice of transfer to the airport, please remember to retrieve all your personal belongings from the vehicle of transfer.

Durban International Airport (DUR) has a few options for transfer from and to the airport.

Transfers at Durban Airport

Rental Cars – There are many rental car companies with their services available at the airport. There is a car rental facility located right next to the passenger terminal building. See and compare all rental car companies at Durban Airport in Durban.

Buses – There are no public transport buses available at DUR, but private shuttle companies offer their services of regular departures to the Durban area from early morning to late evening all days of the week. To transfer to the airport a booking is necessary, but to travel from the airport is not. Buses will drop off and collect travelers from all Durban hotels as well as many other locations. Tickets are available on the bus, from the airport, while going to the airport is a different matter since it has to be pre-ordered and it may vary if the company offers online payment and/or on the bus purchase. See more about bus and shuttle services to and from Durban Airport.

Taxis – There are many different taxi companies providing their services at the airport, and also a few that are not officially permitted to either work as a taxi or to offer their services at the airport. The official taxis are located at the taxi rank outside the arrivals area, non-official will wait in other areas. Official taxi drivers will not approach potential customers while the non-official might. Simply be aware. More advice about taking taxis to or from Durban Airport.

Trains – There is no train transfer available to or from the airport, but it is possible to transfer to other parts of the local area or nationally to Johannesburg or Cape Town via trains from Durban railway station just outside of the city center.

Hotel Shuttles – There are some of hotels in the area that offer a shuttle service so their guests can transfer conveniently between the hotel and the airport. These are requested by the traveler directly to the hotel or through a travel agency. See a range of hotels near King Shaka Airport in Durban.

Ride Shares – After arriving at the airport request the ride through the chosen company’s app.